Charity Locks of Love in $6M Trouble

The not-for-profit organization Locks of Love is in hot water today after the Nonprofit Investor (NPI) reported that $6 million dollars worth of hair donations are unaccounted for each year, based on information reported by a Locks of Love staffer.

Locks of Love (LoL) collects hair from donors and turns the donations into hairpieces for disadvantaged children suffering from long-term hair loss from any medical diagnosis. LoL receives more than 100,000 locks of hair each year, producing nearly 300 hair prosthetics for children, most of which suffer from alopecia areata. The Nonprofit Investor stated, "children, celebrities, relatives of those in need, and countless others have been selflessly donating their hair to Locks of Love for over 15 years. Nonprofit Investor's analysis raises significant questions regarding how how the hair donations are used."

While there has been no official statement from Locks of Love, the NPI does offer some sound advice towards giving: "Investigate the operations of any charity before donating, to ensure that our valuable resources - money, time, or yes, hair - are truly going toward making a difference for those in need."
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