Chanel One-Ups the Knuckle Ring Trend

When it comes to nails, there's no question Chanel is a trendsetter. So we're always on the lookout at every Chanel show to see what's going on in the finger department.

This season, at the house's post-apocalyptic fall couture show, Chanel debuted a new take on nail art: The nail ring.

Models sported a bejeweled band worn over each of their (plain, unadorned) nails. It's like blingy nail art without the kitsch factor–and it's taking the knuckle ring trend to the next frontier.

Obviously there are some real-life concerns if you're interested in trying this trend. Do not wear your grandma's heirloom wedding band this way. The risk of jewelry loss seems pretty high here. Also, if you're in a profession where typing, zipping things, or scrubbing are a big part of your day, save it for after work.

So this is the ring's final frontier phalange. Will you risk your rings and try this look?

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