Butt injections on the black market are killing women

Women will go to many lengths for the sake of beauty. From hair extensions to tanning beds to hours in the bathroom applying makeup, the amount of time, money and effort women are willing to spend on their looks is staggering. While we're no strangers to being slaves to the beauty aisle, there are certain measures we're not willing to take. The latest epidemic, for example, involving women who are dying due to illegal butt injections, is a territory we'd never venture into.

According to the Washington Post, there have been multiple reports of women being killed by their black market butt implants. Legally, the procedure costs $4,670, while illegal butt implants cost around $2,000 and, according to recent death reports, they may cost you your life. One woman who got the black market procedure in Florida paid $1,500 for what was thought to be silicone from Home Depot injected into her buttocks and sealed with cotton balls and super glue. Days later, this woman died of blood clots in her lungs. When an autopsy was performed, the medical examiner performing the autopsy said that there was so much of a "silicone-like" substance in her buttocks that it spilled "all over the place" and onto the floor.

If you're unfamiliar with the butt implant market, doctors won't even perform buttocks injections because they involve putting so much silicone in the butt, causing it to travel to other areas of the body like the legs, often requiring amputation. While doctors do offer butt lifts and butt implants, many people seeking bigger bottoms search instead for black market butt implants, allowing them to have larger derrieres for a lower cost.

Unfortunately, the buttocks isn't the only place where women are illegally injecting silicone. In order to have fuller cheeks, women are also seeking the black market procedures on their faces. These injections, though, are much smaller and easier to remedy, so doctors are able to treat and remove the silicone relatively quickly.

Overall, we're hoping that women will stop harming their bodies just for the sake of having larger backsides. Death is much too high a price to pay just for some junk in the trunk.

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