Blue Ivy Carter totally won the VMAs in the last 5 minutes

Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, is seriously the cutest thing ever, and the 20014 MTV VMAs just proved it. Baby Blue sat on Jay-Z's lap while mom Beyonce performed the show's closing act, and it.was.ADORABLE. Blue bopped her head and bounced along to the beat, and when it was time for Mommy to receive her MTV Video Vanguard Award (honoring Beyonce's career achievements), clapped and waved to the audience from on-stage. We're not sure we've ever seen anything this cute at an awards show...ever. The proof is all in the GIF below -- it kinda looks like Blue is practicing her best 'Single Ladies' dance. Excuse us while we watch it 50 more times.

blue ivy vma gif

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