Get ready for bikini season with the beach body burn

By NYC Pretty

It's about that time -- it's spring, and almost bikini season! That's my cue to work my core and strengthen and tone more than ever to get beach body-ready. I've incorporated a few of my favorite moves today and if you click the video below, you'll see a cool cardio clip I put together on the beach! First I start with a few breathing and stretching exercises to loosen up and get my blood flowing.

I incorporate side-to-side punch-outs: With feet a little wider than shoulder width and hands by your chin. Put your weight in your hips and sit back into a quarter squat position. Punch and twist to your left side with your right hand by rotating your core then repeat that movement while alternating sides for 25-30 seconds.

As you'll see in the video clip, I love a good sweat-set of jumping-jacks (Do 5 sets of 30). Next, I run sprints from jetty to jetty on the sand (5 sets of 10 resting 25 seconds in between each set if needed).

I like to end with some basic yoga poses like Sun Salutation, Mountain Pose, and Warrior 1 , Warrior 2, and Warrior 3 -I alternate with other poses depending on the day and my mood, but I like to get at least 20 minutes in after my cardio-sesh.

Hope this gives you a boost to burn some calories today! Watch the video below for a quick lesson on how Christine Bibbo Herr does a a jumping jack.

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