Because you're worth it: the eighth annual L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth celebration

By definition, worth means excellence of character or quality as commanding esteem. It's a word that L'Oreal Paris has anchored themselves in, using it in their timeless brand identity phrase "Because You're Worth It" written in 1976 by a 23-year-old copywriter named Ilon Specht, when a new spirit of feminism was beginning to thrive.

Well, on Tuesday evening, the room at The Pierre Hotel in New York City was filled with countless worthy women who attended the L'Oreal Paris' Eighth Annual Women of Worth Celebration. The event honors inspiring women making a beautiful difference in the world.

You may remember some of the moving stories we shared about the 10 women who were nominated from around the U.S. for their incredible acts of service in their communities. Well, the night was all about honoring them! L'Oreal Paris' leading ladies Lea Michele, Diane Keaton, Andie MacDowell, and Aimee Mullins were in attendance, as well as special guest presenters Arianna Huffington, Mika Brzezinski, Risa Vetri Ferman, Hoda Kotb, Mary Alice Stephenson and Trish Yearwood. A group of women that StyleList views with the utmost adoration and respect! How lucky we were to be in their presence.

The 2013 honorees have now officially joined the 70 esteemed Women of Worth honorees from the past eight years, bringing the esteemed group to 80. Each honoree received $10,000 for her charitable cause and Lauren Book was voted as the 2013 national honoree for Lauren's Kids and was granted an additional $25,000 for her cause. There were 3,500 nominations in total this year, and 100,000 people voted.

Lauren is from Aventura, FL and she founded Lauren's Kids in 2007 to help protect children from the sexual abuse she, herself, experienced as a girl. Because studies show most abuse is preventable through education, Lauren's Kids created a statewide pre-kindergarten and kindergarten child sexual abuse curriculum called Safer, Smarter Kids. Lauren's Kids also provides guidance and support to those who have suffered sexual abuse and works to strengthen laws that prevent abuse and protect victims.

The Women of Worth stories continue to inspire us at StyleList to be the best that we can be, and we hope they do for you too! We're grateful to L'Oreal Paris for pioneering this amazing franchise, for giving women a forum to empower each other, and for making us all feel like we're worth it.

Learn more about Lauren Book, L'Oreal Paris' 2013 Women of Worth honoree

Learn more about Lauren Book, L'Oreal Paris' 2013 Women of Worth honoree
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