Beauty Secrets from the Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants

There is nothing worse than walking off an airplane after six hours and looking in the mirror to find tired, dry, and unsightly skin. If there's one group of men and women who know how to combat these skin care issues, it's the incredible flight attendants who are traveling all the time.

StyleList sat down with Michelle Lamont, a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Michelle travels almost every day on Virgin's long haul flight, which means her skin is put to the test. How does she fight these problems? The answer may surprise you.

"I prefer to use Bio Oil on my skin before applying makeup," said Michelle. Believe it or not, Bio Oil is stretch mark cream. Michelle notes that nothing keeps her skin more moisturized than this cream, commonly used during pregnancy.

In addition to this unusual cream, Michelle takes a few minutes in-flight with a pair of chamomile tea bags over her eyes. While she may not be able to catch a lot of sleep in the air, the tea bags minimize dark circles under her eyes. Michelle also suggests ordering a cup of coffee if tea bags are unavailable. "Allow the coffee to cool and lightly soak a napkin in it. Gently dab the napkin under your eyes," Michelle said. "The caffeine in the coffee will add life back to your skin, I promise."

Whether or not you've decided that caffeine and stretch mark cream are the key to healthy skin in-flight, Michelle has nearly perfected her travel beauty routine. We could all certainly learn a thing or two from her.

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