Beauty Secrets: Deep Conditioning Your Hair

For many women, their hair is their pride and joy. But equally so for most of us, the things we do on a daily basis to make our hair look gorgeous is also what damages it.

From dying and bleaching to our color-whim of the month, to blow-drying, straightening and curling, your hair takes a beating every day. Combine all of these things with the sun, wind and other elements, and forget about it! For most women, a regular conditioner every day (because yes, if you don't already use conditioner once a day, you should be!) just isn't enough.

Luckily for us, there are deep conditioners out there that can be used once a month (or more if you're so inclined) to restore some shine, moisture and softness to your ever-battered hair. Your three main choices are to have the treatment done at your salon, at home with store-bought products, or with your own at-home remedy. Turns out, there are pros and cons for each method, and we break it down for you right here.

1. At the Salon
Average Price Range: $30-$65

PROs: You have an expert working with your hair, definitely less work for you. You can trust that you'll see results. You have access to the in-house heater/dryer to set the product. It will likely come with a fabulous cut. It will smell great!

CONs: Can be painful for your wallet. Unless you ask, you may not know what chemicals are being applied to your hair.

2. Over-the-Counter Store Bought Products
Average Price Range: $5-$40

PROs: It will most likely be less expensive. You can buy a treatment and use it multiple times. Depending on the product you choose, it will be the same quality used at salons for less. You can read the labels and choose the ingredients you're comfortable with using on your hair.

CONs: More work for you. Pricier than at home remedies. The quality of the product as well as your technique while applying are both factors in the results you see.

3. At-Home Remedy
Average Price Range: $1-$5

PROs: Super cheap! Taken from your own kitchen. You know exactly what is being applied to your hair. Spontaneous: you can make the decision to do the mask on a whim, not even have to leave or make an appointment to do it.

CONs: It's all up to you whether you get results! If you use eggs in the mixture, be sure to rinse with cool water or else you could cook the egg in your hair - NOT good. Depending on your ingredients (often mayonnaise, oil, eggs) it may have an unfortunate smell.

Before you go forward with this process, be sure to figure out which form of the treatment is best for you. Some of us want the results without the effort, and if spending a few bucks isn't an issue for you, head to your local salon. But if you're more into DIY remedies, you can make it yourself! Just make sure you are careful: women with sensitive skin may break out around their hairline while using mayo and oils. The in-between store-bought choices might be perfect for you. Either way you choose it, if you deep condition your hair, it will surely thank you! Especially with the cold, dry winter winds and the intense summer sun, treat your hair with love and it will remain your pride and joy.

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