Barbra Streisand couldn't have posted a more perfect 1st Instagram photo

The gorgeous and legendary Barbra Streisand has joined Instagram and her first post is a picture perfect shot of her and her pup, Samantha. She joined Twitter a few years back and has a huge fan base, with good reason we might add.

In case you've been living under a rock, Streisand is an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy award winning entertainer. She is the only musician in the history of the world to have received so many awards and is considered the TOP selling female artist of all time (in plain words -- she might be the most badass woman to grace this earth)!

If that doesn't put her grandeur into perspective, this bit of information will: in terms of all-time chart rankings, the only artist ahead of her is Elvis Presley. So basically, this chick is the female version of Elvis. Talk about an impressive resume. Check out the video of her below.

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