'Bachelor' Juan Pablo talks love, his season, and his biggest turn-off

Update: Before the premiere of this season's Bachelor, StyleList sat down with Juan Pablo to discuss his love life, his season, and biggest turn-off's. While Juan Pablo's season may have not been what we expected (or what he expected) he gave several hints to a rocky season to come before the season really kicked off. Check out our article that was originally published back in January.

With a record breaking number of viewers, the premiere of the Bachelor saw it's highest ratings in three years and since then, it seems like all anyone is talking about is the Venezuelan hunk vying for true love.

StyleList was caught up with the Bachelor after the premiere episode and got all the details on what we can expect from this season and much more!

As a former contestant on 'The Bachelorette,' Juan Pablo knows better than anyone what it's like to be in the shoes (most likely high heels) of the girls. "It would be hard to have a Bachelor or Bachelorette who has never been in those shoes because you won't understand it. The first night people are very nervous, anxious and just being on those show helps you understand why people say the things they say or why they're quiet. You understand it all better," explained Juan Pablo.

When it came to what he's looking for in a partner, he was very quick to say the three most important things were: "A very mature person, she has to love me and my daughter, which is the most important thing I have. I'd like someone athletic and someone that dances would be nice," he explained. While finding all those qualities may be difficult, one of them may be a deal breaker. When we asked what his biggest turn-off was, he quickly remarked, "A girl that doesn't know how to dance." We hope the girls this season have got serious rhythm or at least know how to fake it until they make it!

This season, Juan Pablo has the chance to meet 27 beautiful ladies all looking to catch eye (sounds like a man's dream), but when we asked him if he'd do the show over again, his answer caught us by surprise. "It was a great experience, but if you tell me to do it again, I'd probably say no, it's hard, it's not easy at all." GASP! However, before we go running to the closest gossip magazine, Juan Pablo was quick to say he enjoyed his experience. 'You get to go travel, meet people, go on yachts and helicopters, a lot of things you don't do everyday. It's a fantastic experience you only get if you are very, very rich. For those 8 weeks, it's just great."

Only time will tell if Juan Pablo finds true love, but as loyal viewers of 'The Bachelor,' we are officially hooked! You can watch his journey on ABC, Monday nights at 8PM EST.

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