Attention New Yorkers: You need to know about Ebay's 'Hot Deals for Hot Days'

If you live in New York City, you're going to want to tune in right now. Ebay is celebrating summer with its "Hot Deals for Hot Days" event, where the price of summer's must-have items are tied to the weather! Seriously: Depending on the high temperature for the day (today and tomorrow only, July 7 - July 8) you can shop brand new Ray-Ban and Michael Kors sunglasses for way, way less.

If today has a high of 85 degrees, you'll get 85% off these designer sunglasses. Not. A. Joke.

If you're a New Yorker, head over to the Flatiron Plaza from 10am - 6pm to visit the Ebay Airstream and score a major deal. And if you're not in the city, you can check out other great deals here.
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