Ask the Guys: How Long is Too Long to Get Ready?

You asked, they answered!

Our friends at Mandatory are here once again to answer your questions for the guys that you might be too shy to ask.

QUESTION: How long is too long for getting ready to go out?

You can take as long as you want to get ready as long as we still show up to wherever we are going on time. Just don't abuse that freedom. Three hours in the bathroom to fine tune your eye lashes might come off as a little excessive. A good barometer to use could be the time it takes your man to enjoy a good homemade cocktail. We sit around in our boxers and dress socks sipping on a Manhattan, you take your time getting ready at a relaxed pace. Everyone is happy. All that's required is a five minute warning so we can jump into our evening attire. Then it's out the door for the happy couple.

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