Ask the Guys: Guest Editors Andy and Anthony edition

For StyleList guest editors Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, women's fashion and beauty may not seem like an obvious passion, but the two have helped to create brands that have changed the foundation of women's fashion. Andy and Anthony's company, Partners & Spade have been behind some incredible ideas including the Warby Parker Flagship Store in New York City and a slew of Target ads and TV spots including their 'It's Time for Springtime' campaign.

We asked Andy and Anthony to answer a few simple questions about fashion, beauty, and trends that we hoped would give us a little insight into the male mind. Here's what we found out:

StyleList: What is your least favorite trend seen on women? (examples: crop tops, sneaker heels, etc.)
Andy and Anthony: "Trends we don't like are sneaker heels and bent up old straw cowboy hats."

StyleList: Which do you prefer: makeup free or makeup on a woman? Why?
Andy and Anthony: "No make up or very light make up. Maybe a like blush and some lipstick and maybe a little something to bring out the eyes. Why? Because they look more beautiful naturally."

StyleList: Should women wear baseball hats for style?
Andy and Anthony: "We never like baseball caps on girls. Not even ironically."

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Target - Spring Style, It's Time from Bite Sized Creative on Vimeo.

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