Ask the Guys: "Do Men Care About Perfume?"

You asked, they answered!

Our friends at Mandatory are here once again to answer your questions for the guys that you might be too shy to ask. This week, they're giving us the dos and don'ts to perfume.


Of course we notice. The fragrance industry rakes in billions because we notice. It would be a shame if all this time you had been dropping $75 on bottle after bottle regularly and we didn't really care. We like you to smell just as good as you like us to smell.

Keep in mind, however, that the rules of perfume use for women are very similar to the rules of cologne use for men. Less is more. Take it easy with the stuff. It can be more powerful than you realize. That one extra spray could mean the difference between you smelling like a classy gal or smelling like a bachelor party stripper.

Perfume shouldn't be used as a way to mask a few days of not showering. I can't emphasize this enough. If you end up dousing yourself with the stuff, there's a good chance you might remind us of our grandmas, which would be fine if we were dating you for your Cribbage-playing skills. Perfume should simply be an accent to your already hygienic routine. You should smell pretty damn good prior to spritzing and that little splash of perfume you apply should just serve as the decorative bow on the entire package.

If you do it right, most of us will notice, ask you what it is, and take note. We may even surprise you with a new bottle when the current one is running low.

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