Ask the Guys: 'I Wish My Boyfriend Would Dress Up for Valentine's Day'

We're thrilled to launch the first installment of our new weekly column with the guys over at Mandatory. We know you ladies have lots of questions you'd like to ask the opposite sex, so every Monday we're asking you on Twitter to send us your questions for #AskTheGuys. This week, with Valentine's Day approaching, we wanted to know what questions you had about first dates, what to wear, or even what to get that special someone - as answered by the guys. Check it out below.

I really wish my boyfriend would dress preppier and I want to get him a button down for Valentine's Day. Will he be offended?

While no guy wants to be told what to do or wear, taking some of the guesswork out of his wardrobe choices is probably a good thing. Besides, a variety of dressy, yet casual shirts should be an absolute necessity in any man's wardrobe. They are easy to dress down or dress up depending on where you are planning on going.

To focus a little more on the question at hand, I'm assuming you mean you want to give him a shirt to wear for Valentine's Day and not as a gift on Valentine's Day. I don't think there is anything wrong with giving a quality shirt as a gift and saying, "I saw this and I thought it would look really good on you whenever we go out for a nicer dinner." You're not trying to change him or who he is, you're just trying to make sure he doesn't walk into an upscale restaurant in that Dave Matthews Band 1997 Summer Tour T-shirt ever again.

And here's a little secret, guys feel more confident and we carry ourselves differently when we're sporting some nicer duds. So, I say it's perfectly alright. As long as you're not trying to dress him yourself on a daily basis, there is no reason to be offended by a little wardrobe expansion.

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