Ask the Guys: 'How do Guys Feel About Makeup?'

You asked, they answered!

Our friends at Mandatory are here once again to answer your questions for the guys that you were too shy to ask. This week, they're filling us in on how guys feel about makeup!


I'm going to let you in on another little secret about guys: We actually mean something when we say it. We're not trying to fool you with reverse psychology. So, if the guy you're seeing says that he prefers you don't wear so much makeup, it is not some secret way of trying to get you to cake on the foundation so he can satisfy his Edward Scissorhands fetish.

While, every guy has different tastes, I do believe that the majority of us prefer our ladies to look as natural as possible. It's not that we don't like makeup. We love when you get all dressed to impress just as much as you like it when we do. It's just that we don't exactly want the person we go out with at night to look like an entirely different person in the morning. We like to know in advance who we'll be waking up next to. So a little cover up here and a dash of eye shadow there is perfect. It's when your eyelashes are suddenly four inches shorter and your hair goes from long and flowing to David Beckham fresh out of his stylist's chair that causes us to raise an eyebrow. And speaking of eyebrows, please stop drawing them on.

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