Ashley Benson's girly vs. goth lips — vote on your fave look

Ashley Benson shows off her makeup talents by giving us two beauty looks in one day! The blonde beauty is always known for being super girly one day, and playing up a tom-boy look the next - but how do we feel about this goth makeup? Vote below and tell us which of Ashley's looks you like better!

Ashley Benson, 23, posted two pictures on her Instagram account on September 18 pulling off two completely different looks. She first rocked a subtle, natural look with a pink lip, while her other look takes a more goth route with a black lip. The Pretty Little Liars star sure knows how to make a statement in the fashion world, with her ever-changing style. Now it's up to you to vote for your favorite beauty look!

Ashley is always changing her look - whether it's her makeup, hair, clothes - you get the point! This star loves to experiment and in her Instagram pics she did just that.

The first look features the blonde beauty donning a natural pink lip with her eyes rimmed with a black liner. Her skin looks luminescent in this photo - we have to wonder how this girl ALWAYS looks amazing! This look really shows off Ashley's eyes and her flirty style. The makeup is simple and playful, which definitely shows off her personality. Her short, cropped blonde hair, and perfectly pink pout makes Ashley one stunning young actress.

The second look gravitates more towards a fall look, as her switch to dark colors really has us asking if this is her look for the fall season! Her black lip looks sinful as the rest of her makeup follows suit. She pulls off a black smokey eye and filled in brows to really give off a strong look. Her makeup is making a statement - this girl likes to have fun!

No matter what look Ashley's in, the girl definitely does not want to take herself too seriously, and likes to show a more playful side to her fans. The actress posted both photos with the captions reading "pink," and the other "black." Well girl, we think you look ah-mazing in both!
What do you think of the makeup look? Do you think Ashley looks better in a more subtle, pink inspired look - or is the goth inspired look your favorite? Vote below to tell us your thoughts!

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