Alicia Keys will be the face of Givenchy's newest perfume

According to WWD, starting in early September, Alicia Keys will be the face of Dahlia Devin, Givenchy's brand new fragrance. Alicia has always been an admirable woman in our eyes, showing her talents and skills with such grace and beauty. Over the years she has juggled a singing, acting, and directing career, and in the blink of an eye, Keys has tackled yet another project.

One of Givenchy's goals is to celebrate women in everyday life. So it is not a surprise that Keys, a strong, passionate woman, was excited about being in business with her friend, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci. When describing the scent, she told WWD that it was "grounded but also still very feminine and earthy at the same time."

As we all know, Alicia's first love and passion is music, so she was eager to announce to WWD that she plans to release her new album in early 2015. She continued to express her thoughts on how many artists now tend to make singles instead of full albums. However, she thinks there is "something so amazing" about producing a whole collective album, because then fans can hear the cohesion in all the songs included. In addition to her continually flourishing music career, Keys has began directing for channels as big as Lifetime, as well as co-producing a Broadway play which will include some of her original pieces. Is there anything this girl can't do? We are so excited to see what she has planned next!
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