Alexa Vega dishes on her new film '23 Blast' and working on 'Nashville'

StyleList caught up with Alexa Vega this week to chat about her new movie, 23 Blast, and her best beauty and style tips for a woman on the go. Alexa is as busy as ever, traveling all over to film her latest projects -- which includes Nashville! -- so we had to ask how she keeps her skin flawless. When you have to get on a plane up to 7 times a week (yes, seriously!) it's important to nail down your skincare regimen, and Alexa's done just that.

Read on below to hear more about 23 Blast, which premieres on October 24th, and Alexa's style and beauty tips.

StyleList: We're really excited about your new movie, it looks so inspirational! Could you tell us about your character?

Alexa Vega: In 23 Blast I play a girl named Ashley, and I have to say... a lot of times when I play a character I feel like I might not have a lot in common with her, but Ashley is such a tomboy, I literally wore all of my own clothes for the character! So she just really felt like such a part of me. I didn't really have to venture off too far, which made it super fun and really easy.

There was something very comforting about playing Ashley. She is such a huge supporter of the football team, especially with everything going on. And when Travis [Freeman] goes blind, she's there for him the entire time.

23 Blast Alexa and Mark
SL: What was your favorite thing about working on the film?

AV: I would have to say that my favorite part was that it actually shot in the town that it took place in, Corbin, Kentucky, and you get such a feel of what football means there, and what it meant for Travis Freeman to grow up there. And we had all of the original people actually on set, spending time with us! So you really feel that when you walk into the movie -- more than you would normally on another film. Because often you'll shoot in Vancouver or Louisiana or just some other location, so it was really nice to actually shoot there, and get a true sense of what it was that we were working towards.

23 Blast crowd
SL: Speaking of the south, you're now working on Nashville!

AV: Yes! It's truly been one of the most fun times I've ever had on set. We literally shoot in Nashville, which is amazing! The cast is stellar, the crew that works on the show is amazing, the team of writers have given us such great story lines to work with, and the food is just ... I cannot. So good!

SL: While working down there for the movie and for Nashville, have you picked up on any great southern style tips?

Well I grew up on a ranch in Florida, so the last thing I want to do is wear heels! But I've recently come into my own with style. Growing up I was that little cowgirl, I would wear my cowboy boots and the flannel shirt, and I still rock it now! But I'd have to say the last year and a half, I finally can trust that I know more designers, and I know what works on my body really well, and what works on a woman's body well.

Honestly, lately I've learned the importance of having a nude pump in your closet, for any occasion. I'm not kidding, you can take jeans and a cute flannel top and you throw on Alexandre Birman nude pumps and it suddenly takes your casual outfit up a few levels. Shoes, to me, will change your look completely. You can take a look from casual to much more elegant, even in a flannel!

SL: Yes! Shoes change everything.

AV:Everything. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this... but Heidi Klum-type girls can get away with it! When you're wearing overalls, and then you throw on heels and there's just something sexy about it. And they're overalls. But it works!

SL: So with your work schedule taking you all over the country all the time, do you have any great travel beauty tips?

AV: Growing up I was very blessed to have good skin in general, and it honestly made me really lazy about taking care of my skin. I'm 26 now, which is still young, but it's when you start realizing the little wrinkles! So now I'm thinking, oh my gosh, I'm so ashamed that I haven't been taking care of my skin the way I should. So now I'm super into moisturizing. When I travel I just apply SO much moisturizer to my face. There was one time where I literally had 6 or 7 flights in a week, and it can really dry out your skin.

My favorite product -- and reasonably priced, I think! -- is a Mario Badescu lotion, and I apply it morning and night. Lately I also absolutely love the Cindy Crawford line. I really like it -- they have a serum for night, and in the morning you do a skin cream, eye cream... it's really great.

SL: Are there any trends you're excited about for fall?

AV: Oh, I feel like I'm behind! I was introduced last year to Lorena Sarbu and I just love her. I've never really been into the leather dress trend which was so big last year, but for me, her line is the only one that just fit my body so well. It would fit any woman's body! I'm just a huge fan of hers, and she's dead on with trends.

SL: We have to ask! Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

AV: I'm the worst at Halloween... I'm the biggest Christmas fan! I was in the garage with my husband just cleaning and we were looking at all the Christmas decorations and I said, "Instead of decorating our house for Halloween, can we just put out the christmas decorations? We'll just make it look like that's the costume for the house!" But if I do dress up, my friend an I might go as reindeers.

23 Blast will be in theaters nationwide on October 24th. Watch the trailer below!

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