Actress to watch: Lisa Joyce is captivating in new film

Actress Lisa Joyce might not be a household name (yet) but she's certainly making a splash on the big screen in the new film, 'A Master Builder' starring Jonathan Demme. Joyce, who plays Hilde, a mysterious young woman who comes to visit a dying man has captivated her audience and has received praise and accolades for the role.

We caught up with Lisa to talk about the role, how she prepared, and what it's like to be receiving so much attention. "It's been a very surreal experience," Lisa explained. After preparing for the role for more than two years, Lisa learned Jonathan Demme wanted to turn the stage production into a film. What makes this film truly unique is that it was filmed in 7 days! "A month before the filming I gave up caffeine and alcohol to prepare for the film. It gave me a lot more energy. The days on set were really long. We'd all be napping on top of each other in between takes," Lisa remarked.

The 31-year-old Chicago-born actress is absolutely gorgeous. Her skin rivals that of a 21-year-old and her hair (which is naturally curly) is the perfect hue of strawberry blonde. While we didn't find out what's next for Lisa, she did hint to big things on the horizon. Lisa will continue to be someone to watch on our list, and should be on your list too.

Make sure to check out Lisa's new film, 'A Master Builder' in theaters now!

Actress Lisa Joyce Didn't Even Audition For Her Role In 'A Master Builder'
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