A lesson from NYC's hair-washing experts

We're always on the lookout for genius beauty tricks: say, how to fix a smudged nail or fake longer lashes. But how to wash our hair properly? Never crossed our minds--until we stumbled into Le Salon.

Spoiler alert: We've been doing it all wrong.

A visit to the all-organic salon can be equated to a getting a hair physical. Upon arrival, a stylist assessed our mane, picking out a strand and spraying it with water to test elasticity. She then reported back that we should be washing our hair more. (Wait, what?)

Here are our takeaways:
  1. Less is more, way more: Use a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo, max. Apparently it's not conditioner that causes buildup; it's really your cleanser.
  2. Don't be so gentle: Take hands straight to the back your head and vigorously scrub your scalp for at least three minutes. Less product, more action. Consider it a triceps workout.
  3. Conditioner is strictly for hair only: Avoid your scalp at all costs (or suffer limp-noodle syndrome). Lightly graze your fingertips over the top of your head. That's it.
  4. Stop stressing over a wide-tooth comb: It's a myth. A bristle brush will work just fine. Just remember to run it through your hair before rinsing out the conditioner.
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