A gel manicure that cures in the sun

This sunlight activated gel nail polish is the biggest nail innovation since, well, the original gel manicure.

Like your standard gel polish, Bio Seaweed Gel lasts about two weeks––way longer than typical nail lacquer. But unlike your standard gel polish, it doesn't take a salon appointment or your own personal UV lamp to use it. Just pick your shade, paint, and stick your hands in the sun for two minutes.

That's it. A little sunlight is all it takes to dry your nails to rock hard, glossy perfection. At $18 a pop and 60 manicures per bottle, this polish is already way cheaper than a single gel mani!

So you can go ahead and cancel your next nail appointment and get your Bio Seaweed gel polish here.

If you're a first time Joyus customer, just use the promo code STYLELIST10 at checkout to get 10% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping (returning customers will automatically get free shipping on orders over $50). That'll knock the price down to about $16 per shade, or 27 cents per manicure.

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