7 Tips for a Magically Slimmer Waist

If you're hoping to drop a few pounds between now and New Year's, we highly advise you to rethink your diet strategy.

Go ahead, indulge in another eggnog latte. Grab that gingerbread cookie. Because we believe in a good ol' Christmas miracle – and Charla Krupp, style expert and author of "How to Never Look Fat Again," has graced us with her waist-slimming wisdom.

Just in time for all those holiday hoe-downs (and feeding frenzies), we asked Krupp for tips and tricks to create the illusion of a trimmer tummy. So much handier than frankincense and myrrh.

1. Get a high-waisted bike short. "You can't go out of the house without it. If you have any kind of muffin top, you have to get rid of it immediately, and these pieces really do it. I like the Skinny Britches by Spanx because they're not that intense. But there are also great ones from TC and Wacoal. But you can't just get the kind that stop at the waist, or you're going to get a muffin top. You can wear them with anything, from jeans to dresses."

2. Try a shapewear top. "They're very basic, so you can wear it with a cardigan over it or a jacket over it. Spanx has a couple that have V-necks and scoop necks. They're going to hold your arms in, as well as your waist and your tummy."

3. Buy a new bra. "If you get a new bra, you're going to help your waistline, because you need to hoist the girls up as far as possible. You want to have a long, lean torso, so you want to get your boobs up – and most women are not wearing a cup size that's big enough, so they're hanging down and their bras are all stretched out. Bras don't last forever. People don't want to throw out their bras, but they really don't last forever. The elasticity in them goes, so you have to get fresh bras that really boost your boobs."

4. Create an illusion. "Look for clothes that have a black or navy panel on the sides. It just slims you down. Black will automatically reduce you, but you don't want to walk around in all black -- it's too depressing. If you find clothes that have black on the sides, it will make your waist look like nothing. Also, you can adopt that trend with a black sheath. Just get a black wool crepe sheath -- it can be sleeveless -- and wear a colored long cardigan over it and belt it. Or not. But you're going to look thin if you're wearing black in the middle."

5. Boost your belt. "Another trick is to fake a smaller waistline. Rather than put a belt across the widest part of your waist, you can move a belt up, right under your bra. That's where most women are thinnest. So, it's an optical illusion. You're giving yourself a built-in empire waist. Just make sure the belt isn't super thick, because you don't want your boobs resting on the belt. Not a good look."

6. Go empire. "Empire tops can also make you look thinner. If you do have a really big stomach, they'll hide the outline of the stomach so you really don't know where it starts and stops. But don't do ones that are really out there poofy or you'll look like a big blob.

7. Strap on stilettos. "Wearing heels always makes you look thinner and that's really easy."

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