69-Year-Old Lauren Hutton Steals the Show in New Lucky Brand Campaign

Some brands, when trying to project a cooler image, tap someone young and hip for their ad campaigns.

Lucky, on the other hand, went with iconic 69-year-old supermodel Lauren Hutton, thereby, we think, coming out on top in the cool arena.

Throughout her '60s, Hutton's been pretty selective about which brands she fronts. And while her last gig was for high-end jewelry line Alexis Bittar, Lucky is more in line with some of the more affordable brands she's been the face of like J. Crew and Mango. She also, memorably, modeled and serves as muse for the Olsens' luxury label The Row, which she often wears to appearances. The common thread, we feel, is that they're all brands Hutton would wear in real life.

And Lucky, it seems, is no exception: She looks completely herself in all of the images, sporting her signature casual style in jeans, boots and tomboyish tops. WWD reports that Hutton was "all about the fit of the clothes" and that she brought and did her own makeup.

Clearly she knows what she's doing–she's probably the hottest 69-year-old we've ever seen.

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