50 years later, where is Jackie Kennedy's pink suit?

It's been fifty years since the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and people across the country -- and the world -- are remembering him today. One of the most vivid images from that fateful day is that of grief-stricken Jacqueline Kennedy, wearing her favorite pink suit.

A question on many minds this week: Where is Jackie's pink suit, the one she refused to change out of even though it was stained with her husband's blood? When asked whether she'd like to change, Jackie reportedly told an aide, "No, I'm going to leave these clothes on. I want them to see what they've done to Jack." The image of Jackie in the suit on the plane back to Washington and standing next to Lyndon Johnson as he was sworn in as President will remain in American minds forever.

In 1964, the suit, along with her navy blouse, shoes, stained stockings and bag were sent to the National Archives with an unsigned note on Jackie's mother's stationery. The note read: "Jackie's suit and bag -- worn November 22, 1963." The pink pillbox hat and white kid gloves were lost during the chaos of the day, and were not in the box.

After her mother's passing, the pink suit was technically Caroline Kennedy's possession. It was in 2003 that she sent a deed of gift "to the people," giving the suit to the National Archives for good, on condition that it not be seen for at least a century, until 2103. It is kept in a climate-controlled vault in Maryland.

It is believed that if the public were able to see the garments stained with JFK's blood, it would create hysteria. The First Lady had worn the suit at least 6 times before that day in November, and it was one of her husband's favorites. He'd said she looked "smashing" in it. It was a Chanel look-a-like, made in America. In an effort to be Patriotic and wear American garments, Jackie had the Chanel fabrics sent to the U.S. and the suit was created line-by-line as it would have been in France. (CNN)

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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