5 steps to get a perfect blowout at home

If there's one beauty trick every bride-to-be needs to know, it's how to transform her hair with the perfect blowout. From your engagement party and bridal shower to your bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, have a simple, go-to hairstyle that makes you look and feel great is key. Celebrity stylist Mark Townsend has tips to master a blowout in 5 easy steps that will leave your hair smooth and sexy every time.

Step 1: Prep
After washing and conditioning, apply a leave-in product as soon as you get out of the shower. If you have fine hair, boost volume with a mousse from roots to ends. Thick or curly texture? Work a smoothing cream or lotion through. If you have chemically straightened hair, use an oil.

Step 2: Do a "rough dry"
Start with just fingers and a blow dryer until your hair is 80 perfect dry. To get more volume, flip your head over while drying.

Step 3: Smooth it
Grab a round brush with a mix of boar and plastic bristles and attach the nozzle to your blow dryer. Section off the top of your hair and start here. "Your arms will get tired, so you want to blow out the visible hair first," Townsend says. Start with the brush at your roots and the dryer aimed at it, and move slowly through a two-inch section down to the end. If you're after volume, pull upward at the roots. If you're going super sleek, pull downward. Repeat until the section is smooth, then move on to the next one, continuing over your entire head.

Step 4: Straighten it
Once your hair is dry, go over any kinks or tough-to-reach spots, like the nape of your neck, with a flatiron. If you have chemically straightened hair, don't let the dial top 300 degrees - any hotter can fry fragile strands.

Step 5: Finish it off
Mist a silicone spray into your palms, rub your hands together, and rake them through the bottom half of your hair. To stay flyaway free, spritz flexible hold hairspray onto a brush and run it very lightly over the entire style, crown to ends. "Your guy should be able to touch it," says Townsend. "There's nothing sexy about crunchy hair."

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