5 outfits to rock your next music festival

5 perfect outfits to rock your next music festival
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5 outfits to rock your next music festival

fun summer tunic is perfect for any music festival. Spice up the solid top with a pair of sunglasses or a funky print hat! "Anything boho is pretty much festival-ready in my book!"- Love Joo Kim, Love Joo Kim

"The trick with festival fashion is to have fun while still being practical and comfortable! You want to be able to dance your butt off, take lots of photos and enjoy every moment of music, while still looking cute"- GrasieStyleMeGrasie
"I paired my denim overalls with a crisp cropped turtleneck to give the look a bit of sophistication while still keeping it casual. I love how striking these knee-high gladiator sandals are, perfect for making a statement."- Emilee AnneEmilee Anne
"Keep your look fun but comfortable and you’ll feel stylish even while singing your heart out and dancing along with the crowds!"- MollyA Piece of Toast
"I knew for my music festival outfit I had to have color, so the bold purples, greens, and yellows of this dress were exactly what I was looking for." - Jackie, Little J Style

We are a few weeks into summer, but more importantly, at the heart of music festival season! The main goal when dressing for a festival is to have fun with it, while keeping cool and comfortable at the same time. Even if you don't plan on heading out to the desert anytime soon, you can snag some of these festival trends to spice up your everyday summer wardrobe.

A few of our contributors have perfected the ideal festival outfit and they are here to share them with you. These awesome fashion trends have been spreading like wild fire throughout the festival world and beyond. Whether they have added a fresh pair of shades or have thrown in a edgy patterned piece, these ladies definitely rocked the music festival fashion game.

Click through our gallery above to see five awesome outfits for your next music festival!
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