The 5 Most Important Things We Learned From Celeb Wedding Planner David Tutera

StyleList was lucky to sit down with David Tutera, celebrity wedding planner and star of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on WE network. Since the launch of his shoe and jewelry line, The David Tutera Footwear Collection and Embellish by David Tutera, we've been eager to get his styling tips and insights for bridal fashion. We talked about good - and bad - bridal styles, mistakes brides can avoid, and the best in beauty tips and tricks for all brides.

Here are the 5 most important lessons we learned:

  1. "Designate who you are as a bride personality wise. We do this online. I've got the David TuteraWedding Planning Program. It's a questionnaire online that you fill out. It will explain how to categorize yourself as a bride... And the first thing you do when you find out what kind of bride you are, you then know what kind of dress you want to wear. A sleek modern A-line silhouette may not be the dress you thought you wanted to wear, maybe you are a princess ball gown bride."
  2. "If you are 5'7", you need to not wear a ball gown. If you have a long upper torso, I recommend strapless."
  3. "There is some bad crap out there for brides to pick from. And they pick it. They don't know their body type, and they don't have enough [options] in their price point that they can afford. That's why I launched my wedding line, David Tutera for Mon Cheri, because there's something for every girl, and body type, size 0-28, which is rare. And a medium price point, to lower, which is built with inner constructions so every bride looks beautiful with corset and boning which is the way its designed, and there's a style for every bride... My line is what is missing out there."
  4. "I am a firm believer that hair and makeup should not look like bridal hair and makeup... One of my goals in beauty and bridal fashion, is to parallel mainstream fashion with bridal. Bridal is about 20 years behind... so when you see bridal fashion, it's not following mainstream fashion, and in beauty, you aren't seeing that either... You [the bride] should be embellishing yourself, not doing yourself over... Hair needs to be natural... if I see one more ringlet of curls, I'm going to cut them off!"
  5. "I want girls to wear shoes and jewelry to wear beyond their wedding day... My shoe line is bridal friendly and fashion forward."

Be sure to tune in to the season finale of My Fair Weddings, 9pm EST on Saturday December 15, on WE.

Photo Credit: Keith Morrison

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