4 easy holiday smoky eye shadow ideas

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris
Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to step out of the box with your makeup and try something special. If your go-to pout palette is blush pink, now's the time to up the ante with a fiery red lip color. For polish junkies, go ahead -- get your nail art fix. And if you really want to blow your fellow revelers' minds, get your smoky-eye-shadow game in gear. Need a little inspiration? We've rounded up four bold options, complete with tips and product recommendations. Prepare to be amazed at how a bit of blending in can make your eyes totally stand out!

intense green eyes

​Violet Femme Smoky Shadow
Jewel tones are an eye-shadow staple for the holiday season -- owing largely in part to the fact that these power pigments look stunning on just about any skin tone. Royal purple is particularly enchanting when paired with hazel or green eyes, as the contrasting color will amplify green and amber flecks. A velvety plum shadow, one that applies like a powder but has a cream-like finish, will go on super easy with just your finger. Apply it liberally to your lid, and then diffuse the color as you creep up toward your brow bone. The result: a single-color smoky-eye effect. Finish the look with purple eyeliner and look-at-me lashes.

Finger on Lips, Shhhhhhhhh

Deep Navy Smoky Shadow
The perfect something blue for your wedding? Perhaps not. (Psst ... check out other wedding makeup don'ts here!) However, this azure hue is a must-have for pretty much any other celebration. A great choice for brown-eyed girls, navy can instantly give your peepers some extra pizzazz. A few words of caution: If you're planning to take the plunge, you've got to really go for it. Skimping on the shadow will leave you looking too reminiscent of another big beauty don't -- retro '80s blue lids. Look for a shadow pod with lots of pigment and great color payoff, like L'Oréal's Infallible Shadow in Midnight Blue. Then apply with gusto, and finish it off with a liner and mascara in the blackest black!

Misty Lilac Smoky Shadow
For a softer take on the purple smoky eye, we love the idea of mixing a rich lilac hue with shimmery gray shadow. A great option for ladies who are just starting to experiment with color, the purple shade is more of an accent than the main event. The key here is concentrating the color around the lash line and using the diamond-like dust to create the smoky effect.

Intense Charcoal Smoky Shadow
A super-dark smoky eye can be a bit intimidating, but don't give up on this sultry shadow before you give it a go. The reason: It can give any holiday outfit -- from the ever-popular classic LBD to the effervescent evening gown -- some extra oomph. The secret to acing this application is simple: Swap out your usual colors for tones in the gray spectrum. For instance, instead of a taupe base, try medium or dark gray; then do a rich charcoal in your crease and a black-gray along the lash line, and highlight with a shimmery silver. And to make your life even easier, we found the perfect gray palette.

If you need a bit more inspiration before committing to your smoky-eye shade, you can always indulge in at-home glamour before you buy with the Makeup Genius app. The app works in real time and uses advanced facial-mapping technology to let you see what each shade will look like on your face! Plus, this way you can test out complementary lipstick shades at the same time. Our go-to for smoky eyes is a whispery nude-pink lip, but who knows what you'll fall in love with while you're playing around with the app!
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