4 medicine ball moves you need to know

By Saucy Glossie

Today's post uses one of my favorite pieces of equipment: the medicine ball. There are all different sizes in these and when I'm at the gym I usually go for a 6 lb ball. I like to work with different props to challenge my body. This adds even more difficulty and strength to some of the usual mat exercises. Sometimes if I'm really wanting to work my whole core, I do some medicine ball work on the half stability balls (or BOSU balance ball), but that can be a whole separate post.

Hope you enjoy these exercises and try to add them into your routine! With most of my workout tips these can be done in the gym, outside, or at home (if you have the right equipment). I buy most of my equipment at TJ Maxx because they have a nice little stand of girl-friendly exercise props and they are cheap. There's nothing worse than working out with equipment that is designed for dudes. Our bodies are different and I want different results than a guy who is looking to pump iron. This ball is actually the Self Magazine brand if you want to search the exact one. They come in all different weights and colors.




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