3 tricks for actually keeping your fitness resolution

Fitness guru and certified stud Todd McCullough understands better than anyone keeping a New Year's resolution. His unique workouts only take 20 minutes (yes, that's less time than an episode of Real Housewives) and we can only imagine, clients are lining up to jumpstart their inevitable fitness resolutions. We ask Todd to share with us three tips for hitting your fitness goals in 2015 and trust us, his word is better than ours!

1. Get real! Develop a fitness schedule that works for you. Maybe you know that you can get to your favorite fitness class twice a week. The key to success is what you do the other days. You can take all the fitness classes you want, but if you are not moving the rest of the days, you will not see great results. I noticed this with my clients years ago. We would have two-three great workouts a week, but they never could find the time to workout the other days. This is why I developed 20-minute online workouts. Now they can achieve great results because they are more consistent. Consistency=Long Term Results

2. Maximize your time. I call it the THREE 20s. You have three twenty-minute windows in your day. When you first wake up, at lunch, and in the evening. You want to go from good results to great results? Take advantage of these three windows. The key is simply moving! Maybe you knock out a 20 Minute Online HIT Workout first thing when you get up, after lunch you go for a 20 minute walk, and after dinner you go for another 20 minute walk. If you have a dog this is the perfect excuse to give your pup a bit more love. I have years of experience that testify that the best way to train is high intensity training for a short period of time and being as active as possible throughout the day. Since most of us sit at our desks for at least eight hours a day at work, we have to move more. Your workout simply is not enough. Grab a friend at work and have them join you for the walks. Make the THREE 20s part of your daily routine!

3. Eat real food! It hurts me to see people starving themselves to try and lose weight. First it is not healthy, and second it is not maintainable. Learn to eat real food! What is real food? Can you pick it, plant it, or catch it? If not, then it is not real food. With this simple sentence, I saved you countless dollars you would spend on the next diet fad book and magic pill out there. If you eat Real Food, you naturally will consume less calories and less sugar. Eat Real Food and develop a fitness routine that works for you. You will not only have success in 2015 but 2016 as well! #mindright

To get more tips and tricks from Todd and learn more about his fitness routine, click here!
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