3 questions to ask yourself before switching to sulfate-free shampoo

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

1. Do You Know What a Sulfate Is?
No? Well, how are you supposed to make an informed hair care decision without knowing the facts? So here's the deal: Sulfates (also known as sodium sulfates) are basically salt. And to put it simply, they clean. Which is why they're in your shampoo in the first place -- to help break down the oil, dirt and buildup left behind by hair products. Sulfates also help to create that frothy, bubbly lather.

2. How Are You Currently Choosing Your Shampoo?
We make most of our lifestyle choices -- we exercise, eat organic, binge on kale -- for one reason: because they make us feel healthier. So why not choose your shampoo the same way? Sulfate-free shampoos can be less abrasive and more respectful of the hair fiber, and they still clean your strands just as effectively as their sulfate-loaded counterparts. Plus, these formulas help make each strand stronger and more resilient with every wash. Some additional benefits to be on the lookout for: less frizz, better curl definition, improved color maintenance and increased softness and moisture.

3. What Are You Looking for From Your Shampoo?
Once you've determined your specific hair type and texture -- think color- or keratin-treated, curly, dry or damaged -- you can pinpoint problem areas and begin the search for a shampoo that helps resolve your issues. Use the L'Oréal Paris Hair Expertise site (it's basically a dating site for your strands) to find the right products and regimens that meet your particular hair needs -- everything from nourishment and protection to illumination and definition.
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