21 bra hacks that will make your life easier

By: Hello Glow

With something as intimate as a bra, it's easy to fall into a rut: you only buy a new one when your old one is fully unusable, you get the same size you've been getting for 10 years, or you buy cheap ones because you don't feel you can justify the investment. (By the way, it's incredible how many adult women don't know their real bra size, so see how to get fitted below.) Check out these 21 bra hacks, which will help prolong the life of your pretty undergarments and make them more versatile, too.

1. How to store a bra - Properly storing your bras can increase their life span – and who doesn't want that, especially if you've spent a few extra bucks on it.
2. Bras for backless dresses – No need to buy a backless bra for that backless dress – DIY a combination of the two with this easy tutorial.
3. How to repair a broken underwire bra – Don't throw away a bra just because of that underwire poking you all the time. This is how you can fix it.
4. DIY lace bra – Put a little romance into your basic cotton bra, by trimming it with matching lace. Instant pretty!
5. How to make a cross bra strap – Swimmer back cuts can be a nightmare when worn with the inappropriate bra. Transform yours into an appropriate one with this tutorial.
6. DIY bralette – To get the perfect, custom fit for your bra, why don't you make it yourself? It's way easier than it sounds.
7. Bra straps – If your bra straps from under your tops, why not have something pretty to show? Upgrade them with lace or embroidery.

bra hacks

8. Low back bra – For those sexy low back tops, you need a special kind of bra. Or you can just work with yours and some elastic band.
9. Wedding inspired summer top – Underwear as outerwear: why not? Update an inexpensive bra with lace flowers for a very romantic and sexy look.
10. Sew a bra strap holder into your top – A tutorial that shows you how to secure your bra straps in place once and for all.
11. DIY hanging bra organizer – Store your bras on a special organizer that you make yourself – this way you always seem them and get to wear all of them.
12. Cushion bra strap - Buy a ready-made cushion for those bra straps that dig into your shoulders, or improvise by making your own.
13. DIY elastic strappy bra – If the bands on your bra have stretched out, replace them with this easy tutorial for a trendy strappy bra.
14. Make a strapped bra appear strapless - Make your bra seem strapless, and you'll be able to wear it under a variety of cuts.

bra hacks

15. Turn a regular bra into a racerback bra – Although there are products available to buy, a paperclip works just as well!
16. Hack your bra – There are many things you can do with your regular bra to turn it into something else. These are some ideas on how to do it.
17. Underwire bra repair – This only takes 10 second of your time and it gives you back your favorite bra without the painful poking underwire.
18. How to measure bra size – Ultimately, it's all down to the perfect fit. Learn how to measure yourself and get the right size.
19. Adding padding to your bra – If you decide to make your own bra, it doesn't have to be unpadded! Add all the support you need with this tutorial.
20. Bra extender - If the cup fits right, but the band it too small, get some help from a bra extender.
21. How to reuse old bras – Finally, if your bra is hopeless, there are plenty of ways not to let it go to waste.

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