12 stages every girl goes through getting ready in the morning

If you fall into the barely-five-percent of the population that counts as a morning person, you may just want to stop reading now. As for the rest of us, we all know how mornings can literally suck the life out of you. Putting on makeup when you're groggy and in a rush couldn't be more different than getting ready when you're going out with your girlfriends. For one thing: Dark circles. Below are the 12 stages every girl goes through when getting ready for the morning.


I need my beauty sleep!Photo via TinyPic

Snooze again. Okay last time I promise.

Waking up Lea MichelePhoto via Tumblr

Stumble to the shower. It doesn't matter that I only have five minutes. I will still sing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" as I shampoo my hair.

Emma Stone singing in shower GIFPhoto via Gurl.com

How fast can I do my foundation?

Do your foundation quicklyPhoto via Tumblr

Okay, time for some concealer. Oh good lord, those bags under my eyes! And that huge zit that just popped up. Let's cover that baby up right now.

Putting concealer under your eyesPhoto via Model Cosmetics

Move on to the mascara. Is that a sneeze coming on? Please don't sneeze it will ruin my life.

applying mascaraPhoto via Tumblr

I think I'm going to try a new lipstick shade today!

Adriana Lima lipstickPhoto via Amazon News

Oh for the love of nail polish, I forgot to brush my teeth before doing my lipstick.

My life is a messPhoto via Tumblr

Blow dryer, it's time.

Blow Drying hairPhoto via Photobucket

It never looks as good when I do it. I guess I'll hit fix with a curling iron? Am I holding this too long? Is my hair burning?

Lauren Conrad curling her hairPhoto via Tumblr

And we're out the door! Wait, did I turn off my curling iron?

Arielle PanicsPhoto via Tumblr

Nailed it! Appliances are off. Now, I pretend I just woke up like this. #Flawless

Beyonce I Woke Up Like ThisPhoto via MTV

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