10 things for your inner fashion girl

Fashion Girl: \fash-uh-n\ [noun]:

A girl, typically a blogger/designer/"Instagram famous"/PR person/etc. who engages in regular activities such as: wearing all black, Instagramming latte art, regularly using the hashtag #fromwhereistand, and finding their perfect statement shoes. She can be found searching for the new "it" item, checking their email constantly to see if they're off their wait-list for Mansur Gavriel, and #doingitforthegram.

1. Sh*t Fashion Girls Say...at Fashion Week// It's that time of year again, Fashion Month. I found this video awhile ago and enjoyed it so much that I'd like to share it with you. It's basically a parody of NYFW girls and their sayings. While I've never been and I can't validate this, I would think this is actually pretty true.

"If this outfit doesn't get me on a street style blog, I give up."

2. The Outnet: 60% off of Alexander Wang....WANG, LADIES. That is all.


3. A guide on pronouncing designer names// Because God forbid you say mar-chess-ka rather than the correct mar-kay-sahi while brunching with your fashion friend.

4. The music video of your dreams// Rebecca Minkoff (and her baby), Leandra Medine, and Hillary Rhoda cover "Call Me Maybe" in the most fashion-girl way possible.

5. Fashion Memes// Anna Wintour has been meemed (is that a word?).

Anna Wintour Meme
6. Some tips on mastering the half tuck// All of the top bloggers and the J.Crew stylists are doing it, so you should do it too.

JCrew Half Tuck
7. Jack's Wife Freda// This NYC eatery is frequented by many people in the fashion industry. Maybe while you're instagraming your meal, you could look around and just might see some familiar faces.

Marc Jacobs Instagram
8. Style.com + the style.com app// Style.com is a great resource for fashion girls looking for a little inspiration. Maybe now when you're waiting for your Starbucks, you can check out Jason Wu's SS 15 designs all from the comfort of your iphone.

9. The September Issue documentary// I actually watched this a few weeks ago and found it very interesting. It gives you a sort of behind the scenes look at the crazy amount of work that went into the making of a Vogue September issue. Plus, it shows you that The Devil Wears Prada was not that far off in the portrayal of an editor-in-chief and how crazy a fashion magazine's office is.

10. Spring app// You can literally online shop "with the swipe of a finger", I'm in.

Spring app

Are you a "fashion girl"?

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