Get sculpted arms (fast!) with one easy move

By Saucy Glossie

My biggest workout weakness is my arm strength. I felt a lot stronger and more defined in the summer, which I think was due to a heavier amount of jump roping in the warm weather. I tend to focus a lot on my stomach, legs, hips, butt etc so the arms sometimes get lost in the mix. I'm trying to find ways of incorporating arm workouts that I can try to do anywhere without weights or a gym and I'm usually a fan of using my own resistance to get stronger. I'm not great at pushups yet, but using a stair as extra elevation makes it a little easier to start building strength and I can work towards full pushups eventually. The less the incline the harder it gets to keep the weight of your body up and I don't want to develop bad habits by jumping into full pushups. It's a simple exercise but adding as much variety into a workout as possible really challenges your muscles and keeps a great rotation so you never get bored.

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