A Quiet Place: Day One confirmed as longest movie of series

lupita nyongo, joseph quinn, a quiet place day one
A Quiet Place: Day One is longest movie of seriesParamount Pictures

A Quiet Place: Day One has been confirmed as the longest movie in the series.

The new film, which acts as a prequel to the first two entries and stars Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Quinn, is set to be released in cinemas later this month.

Ahead of its premiere, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has revealed that Day One will run at 99 minutes – ahead of the first movie's 90 minutes and slightly longer than the sequel's 96 minutes.

lupita nyongo, joseph quinn, a quiet place day one
Paramount Pictures

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The news comes after it was confirmed that UK fans will be able to see the film a day earlier than its US release on June 27.

The movie focuses on characters Sam (Nyong'o) and Eric (Quinn), who are forced together in the wake of the alien invasion of Earth, while Djimon Hounsou will be back after appearing in the second movie.

Nyong'o recently opened up about the dynamic in Day One, explaining that this movie doesn’t have the family unit that defined the first two entries in the franchise.

"We have these disparate individuals who collide into each other's lives, and it is at a very pivotal time for the world," she told Entertainment Weekly.

lupita nyongo, joseph quinn, a quiet place day one
Paramount Pictures

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"How do they negotiate survival together? What we get is really interesting — and even surprising — chemistry in the characters that meet each other along the way.”

Quinn noted that the story is "set in the world that we know", though stressed that "it's very much a film about these two characters who are lost and trying to negotiate their fates".

"There are also some wonderful other characters in the film who Sam encounters, but the bulk of it is Eric and Sam in their mutual acceptance of this bleak, more quiet, new reality,” he added.

A Quiet Place: Day One will be released on June 27 in the UK and June 28 in the US.

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