Don't fall victim to harmful phishing attacks

DataMask gives you proactive protection against potential scams by alerting you when you land on a phishing site. DataMask also uses patented keystroke protection to protect private information like credit cards and passwords, providing safeguards against malware to ward off online attackers.

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This digital knight in shining armor shields your private information.

  • Identifies Phishing Sites

    Detects and alerts you to phishing sites that trick you into entering private data. You’ll be warned proactively about potential scams.
  • Blocks Hacker Invasions

    DataMask prevents malware from capturing and stealing things like banking and credit card data.
  • Scrambles Keystroke Data

    Patented keystroke protection technology allows DataMask to replace and scramble your data, making it useless to hackers.
  • Protects Private Information

    Protects and disguises the most important parts of your online life: credit card information, passwords and more.
Try It Free For 30 Days