Clean Out Your Mailbox For Good.

  • Stops up to 80% of junk mail sent to your home from ever reaching your mailbox.
  • Wipes your name, relatives’ names, address & phone from websites.
  • Helps protect your personal life from marketers, scammers & thieves.
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MyPrivacy® makes it easy to protect your personal details.

MyPrivacy® automatically scans internet people-search sites that may be selling your personal information and requests its removal. 

  • Searches far and wide

    Choose which records you want to keep safe – ReputationDefender can remove them from a broad network of databases.
  • Stays up to speed

    If your data reappears in a database after we’ve deleted it, we’ll automatically remove it again.
  • Protects you in search results

    Stops leading people-search sites from exposing identifying information about you in the Google or Bing search results.
  • Provides safe website previews

    Review screenshots of the websites that mention you so that you don’t have to click on suspicious sites that might compromise your computer.
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