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The Perfect Tech Support Option for People Who Aren’t Tech-Savvy

You've finally done it.

You have finally joined the 21st century and bought a streaming device. Now you can binge and catch up on all the great TV content you've heard about.

You take it out of the box and realize something.

You're way out of your league. You've never been tech-savvy, and you probably never will be. And to make things more interesting, you can't even figure out how to turn the device on.

Now what?

You don't want to return it because all that great content is waiting for you to watch. But everyone you know that has one lives too far away to be of help.

You do have options, and it's best to know what they are so that you can make an informed decision.

What is paid home tech support?

One option to help you with tech issues is paid home tech support.

Paid home tech support is where you can usually pay a yearly, monthly or one-time support fee to get assistance with devices in your home. Depending on your specific situation, the plans are flexible and can be a lifesaver if you have tech-related issues.

The plans are offered by a few different providers and can have some variances in what they offer. Some offer live phone support, while others provide a mix of that, along with helpful guides. Most provide support for all the tech in your home unless it's something rare or very old, but it depends on the actual device.

Paid tech support can help with setting up a new device, removing viruses, troubleshooting, or speeding up a slow computer, among other common tech issues.

Is paid tech support the same as purchasing an extended warranty?

You might be asking yourself if paid tech support is just another way for manufacturers to charge you more, like an extended warranty. It isn't.

Extended warranties are an extension of a manufacturer's standard warranty that they charge you an additional fee for. It only applies to the device bought, and the ability to contact a live person is limited or not part of the service at all. That live support typically only applies to repairs, but only if what's wrong is covered as part of the contract.

With paid home tech support, it is a contract from a service provider, not the manufacturer. It covers most or all the devices in your home. As mentioned above, it covers a wide range of tech issues, including device setup, installing new software or trouble with connecting to Wi-Fi.

One great part of paid home tech support is that the coverage goes beyond a computer or smartphone. Most contracts cover those devices in addition to printers, scanners, gaming systems, digital cameras, streaming devices and more.

Is paying for tech support worth it?

It's no secret that technology has invaded our lives. It seems as if a new device comes out every day, and it's impossible to catch up with it all.

Combine that with a huge learning curve in order to successfully operate all the new devices, and you can end up being very overwhelmed.

Paying for tech support can be a great option for someone who isn't tech-savvy. It can save a ton of time as well as the headache or hassle of deciphering each new device you buy.

Go back to the last time you couldn't figure out how to set up a new device or had trouble with a Wi-Fi connection. How much time did you spend? How much frustration was involved? Did you even get the device set up, or was it put back in the box? Deciding to pay for tech support is, of course, a personal decision. First, you will need to determine if it's within your budget to add on another payment. But you'll also need to decide if paying a few extra dollars every month or year is worth not having the frustration or wasted time to deal with tech issues.

If you're on the fence about trying this type of plan, find out from the provider if you have the option to cancel anytime or if there is a free trial or risk-free option.

An affordable option to get the tech assistance you need

One great aspect of paying for tech support is that it is an affordable option for getting assistance.

Think of the old days when you had to schedule a time in the future and wait for someone to come to you for a repair. You also might have had to physically bring the purchase back to the store and deal with getting help. If not, you probably got a refund on your return, but then you ended up going home empty-handed.

Now, you can get help over the phone or via a troubleshooting video to solve your problem on the spot. If you're serious about eliminating all the guesswork that comes with tech, you might want to try Assist by AOL.

Assist by AOL provides 24/7 live support with tech experts risk-free: If your first issue isn't resolved, you may request a full refund of any charges you have paid if presented within the first 30 days of purchase. You can call them as much as you need to, and they can help with just about any tech issue for most devices found in your home.

Instead of getting frustrated with your new device or giving up on it, affordable assistance is available to help you navigate our tech-filled world.

Published on 06/06/2023

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