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Real-time data protection for your personal information on your mobile device

Included in your membership, at no additional cost, DataMask Mobile by AOL is an anti-phishing software that creates a more secure browsing experience on your existing mobile browser.

DataMask by AOL helps protect you by:

  • Blocking mobile phishing sites that trick you into entering your private data
  • Securely storing all your photos, documents and videos with E-Vault
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The use of DataMask is subject to SentryBay Corporation's Legal Terms and Privacy Policy.

Safety and security at your fingertips

Our patent-protected technology protects your personal information from cyber crooks. It actively helps you avoid mobile phishing sites designed to trick you into providing your login information and passwords.

Plus, E-Vault allows you to collect and securely store all your photos, documents and videos from anywhere in one place. You can access any file you save to E-Vault from all your computers, mobile devices and tablets.