Prince William, Princess Charlotte & Prince George Break Royal Rule as They Pose for Selfie with...Taylor Swift

This week in royal news has been wild to say the least. From Kate Middleton's triumphant return to Carole Middleton's sticky moment in the grass, there have certainly been a lot of headlines.

Take yesterday for example. In honor of Prince William's 42nd birthday, Princess Catherine posted a brand-new photo of her husband and her three kids jumping in the air on a beach (she also shared a message alongside the photo and was responsible for taking the photo itself). Also yesterday, King Charles shared a baby photo of young William to celebrate the big day. But that wasn't enough for the British royals, because now it seems Prince William was spotted at a Taylor Swift concert alongside his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. (And they posed for a photo—more on that below.)

According to royal reporter Roya Nikkhah, "Prince William is celebrating his birthday tonight at @wembleystadium with his children."

This was later confirmed when Prince William shared a photograph with Swift, Char and George. And it just so happens that the crew broke the long-standing "no selfies" rule in the process.

In the pic shared on social media, Swift holds a phone while the Waleses are all smiles (particularly young Charlotte).

Per E! News, Princess Catherine was not in attendance.

But that doesn't mean she didn't celebrate her husband on his big day. As I mentioned earlier, Princess Catherine shared a photo for Will's birthday with the caption, "Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much!"

She signed the message with her initial, "C," and added an "x" as a kiss.

As for the Taylor concert, it should come as no surprise that William brought Char and George to see her perform. Back in November 2023, the prince attended the 2023 Tusk Conservation Awards, where he presented the Tusk Award.

According to The Telegraph, Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood (a Tusk Ambassador) said, “We were talking about the tour and I said, ‘Come on, you’ve got to come out on tour,’ and we were talking about the new album and everything.” Wood continued, “William said [he would] if we could get Taylor Swift there.”

Then apparently after Wood explained to William that fellow Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger recently performed with Swift, the royal dad of three started to warm up to the idea of going on tour with the group. “I’m there then,” the royal told the musician.

Oh, you thought that was all? Back in 2013, Prince William joined Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi onstage at a benefit to sing "Living on a Prayer." To have been a fly on that wall...


Now if anyone happens to spot footage of Charlotte or Will dancing along to "Cruel Summer"...

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