We Listened to Your Feedback, See How We Updated Portfolios!

UPDATE - 4/28:
Our team is continuing to provide improvements to Portfolios and today, we're happy to report that real-time stock prices are now available for all major US market tickers. This means the pricing you see in your Portfolio view will be a much closer match to what you see on our Quotes pages. Please note: at this time, we are not able to offer market indexes with real-time data. Also, you may note the Net Change and Day Gain/Loss columns clearing to zero at Market Open. However, this is only for a brief period until the real-time pricing comes in for your holdings.

Quick tip! To ensure you see the latest data, make sure that you have data streaming turned on (the toggle to turn it on is located under the Holdings tab). If you have data streaming turned off, you will have to click "Refresh Data" to get the most accurate information.


We've launched more improvements to Portfolios. You'll notice them when you're viewing your portfolios on our holdings page and when you're editing or viewing your transaction history. They're also listed in detail below. Check it out!

Here's what you can do with the update we pushed today (3/11):

  • Edit and view your transaction history more easily (once you select "Edit this Portfolio" or "Edit Holdings", simply hit the "Edit Transactions" button)
  • Know your gain/loss since purchase at the all levels – holding, individual portfolio and overall portfolio levels (please note: at the holding level, gain/loss today is noted as Net Change and gain/loss since purchase is noted as Gain/Loss and % Gain/Loss)
  • Know the percentage each holding makes up in your individual portfolios, which is noted as % of Portfolio in the Summary View (you can add this in the Custom View)
  • See your holdings in alphabetical order, both on the Holdings page and Edit Holdings page
  • Expand/collapse all your portfolios or just certain portfolios
  • Print your portfolio performance in color

Since launching our new Portfolio, we have been diligently reviewing the user feedback you've submitted. As a result, we've fast-tracked changes to our Portfolio pages based on the requests you've made. We hope these updates will make our Portfolio tool easier for you to use and enjoy everyday. Note: If you are a UK customer, please contact us here for special assistance.

Here's what you can do with the update we pushed today (2/14):
  • Download your portfolio information to Excel.
  • Exclude/include individual portfolios from your totals (i.e. balance).
  • Know your gain/loss since purchase for your holding (soon, we will be adding "Gain/Loss since purchase at the Portfolio level).
  • See your cash included in your portfolio value.
  • View your portfolio information at a glance – with our improved design, you'll see more data on the screen.
  • Print your overall portfolio information concisely.
  • Choose whether you want to refresh your stock data manually or turn on automatic data streaming.
You'll notice that it's look pretty similar to the format of our old experience.

We also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the support and patience you've shown us. We are committed to helping you through the changes and keeping you abreast of any product issues we are seeing and how to troubleshoot. We invite you to bookmark this page, as we will be posting all of that information here.

Below, we've provided answers to our most popular Portfolio questions, which hopefully you'll also find helpful.



1. Where is my portfolio?
Your data was automatically imported to the new portfolios page. You can see everything on the "Tracking" tab and then clicking on "Holdings". There, you'll see all of your portfolio information. The "Summary View" on the page is the most similar to the previous DailyFinance Portfolios view.

You will need to agree to the Terms of Service in order to view your Portfolios. The terms are industry standard. The service is still free and will stay that way.

2. Can I go back to the old experience?
We have fully launched our new Portfolio to users and will not be going back to our old experience. However, the changes that are coming soon will bring back many of the features and functions you were used to having with our old format.

3. Why is some pricing not available on my holding page (i.e. Why am I seeing NA)?
If you see a red flag next to a holding and an "NA" in the grid, that means pricing data isn't available through the tool. This will be true for bonds, indexes, international and preferred stocks. We're currently working on making pricing on Money Market Funds available. If none of these are the case and you don't see the red flag, please email us at dailyfinance-support@sigfig.com. Any additional detail and information you can send is helpful and appreciated.

4. Can I still use Portfolios if I don't want to sync?
Yes! Syncing your brokerage, IRA or 401K accounts is just a new feature we've introduced. You can continue to manually add in your portfolios and tickers as you did before. We have not taken away that function. However, by syncing your accounts, you are able to see pricing on stock types that are not fully supported in our manual portfolios, which are preferred and international stocks. Each day, your holdings data will be imported from your brokerage or synced account. This will happen overnight so you the data you see each morning will be the most current.

5. Why am I not receiving my daily portfolio reports?
We are continuing to send daily portfolio emails like before, but we understand that some users are not receiving them. We are investigating the issue and will be placing a fix to ensure that you will receive your daily reports as you did before.

Please note: If you have not yet visited www.dailyfinance.com/portfolios since we launched our new Portfolios on 2/3, you will need to go there, sign in and accept the Terms of Service, which will automatically reinstate the email settings you had in place with the our old Portfolio experience.

If you'd like to double check your email settings, simply go to "Edit a Portfolio" once you're logged in and then go to the My Profile tab. Make sure the boxes for the emails you want to receive are checked. If they are not, check them and click Save. To receive your portfolio reports Monday through Saturday, make sure you are opted into the Weekly Portfolio Briefing and Daily Stock Alert.

6. Why am I not seeing my portfolio on my phone?
Make sure you have downloaded the new version of our mobile app (Version 2.0) on your iPhone, Android phone and tablet. We pushed this update of our app on 2/6 and you will need to update to the new version of the app in order to see your portfolios and/or make any updates.

7. How come my international stocks, preferred stocks and indexes are not being recognized?
We are sorry but international stocks, preferred stocks and indexes are not supported in our new Portfolios.

8. How do I edit a portfolio or edit number of shares?
Make sure you are on the "Tracking" tab and have selected "Holdings". Then follow these steps.

To Edit a Portfolio:
1. Select "Edit A Portfolio"
2. Select "Edit" or "Edit Holdings" next to the account you wish to edit
3. Update your information
4. Click Save

To Edit No. of Shares in a Manual Account:
1. Select "Edit A Portfolio"
2. Select "Edit Holdings" next to the manual account you wish to edit
3. Update Shares Owned (you can also update price paid per share)
4. Click Save

9. How do I delete a portfolio, or delete a holding?
Make sure you are on the "Tracking" tab and have selected "Holdings". Then follow these steps.

To Delete a Portfolio:
1. Select "Edit A Portfolio"
2. Find the account you would like to delete and select "Delete"
3. Once you get the "Are you sure?" prompt, select "Delete" if you are sure you want to delete the account (Please note: you will not be able to retrieve this portfolio once you hit delete)

To Delete a Holding from a Manual Portfolio:
1. Select "Edit A Portfolio" and click "Edit Holdings" next to the manual account you wish to edit (in the Holdings tab, you can also click the pencil symbol next to the manual account you wish to edit)
2. Select the 'X' under the delete column next to the holding you would like to delete.
3. Once you get the "Are you sure?" prompt, select "Delete"

10. How do I add multiple cost basis for a holding?
Make sure you are on the "Tracking" tab and have selected "Holdings". Then follow these steps. Please note: this is only available for manual portfolios.

To Add Multiple Cost Basis for a Holding:
1. Select "Edit A Portfolio"
2. Select "Edit Holdings" next to the manual account you wish to edit
3. Find the ticker(s) you wish to edit and click the right arrow next to the Ticker name, or if that is not showing up, then click to the left of the Ticker name.
4. Click "+ Add a transaction" and add in your information
5. Click Save

11. Why are all of my holdings displaying as just one portfolio?
To see all your individual portfolios, make sure you are seeing "Group by Account" on the Holdings page. There are several other views available too, like Group by Brokerage, Group by Asset Class, Group by Market Cap or No Grouping.

12. When does the new Portfolio experience update with closing data?
Currently it is 7:30 PM EST, but we are working on improving this feature so that you can get closing prices earlier in the evening.

13. How do I look at just one portfolio vs. all portfolios?
You can collapse all or certain portfolios by clicking the Collapse All link (under the green +Add Portfolio) button. You can also expand all or certain portfolios. You can also specify which portfolios you want like to include in your total. The "Include in Total" column is in the under the Download All and Print All link.

14. I used to be able to see Gain/Loss since purchase? Is that information here?
Yes, our most recent Portfolio update included the ability to see your Gain/Loss since purchase, whether you're looking at a specific holding, an individual portfolio or your overall portfolio. Please note: at the holding level, Gain/loss today is noted as Net Change and Gain/loss since purchase is noted as Gain/Loss and % Gain/Loss.

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