Our Favorites from the Toys R Us 2013 Holiday Toys Lineup

Our Favorites from the Toys R Us 2013 Holiday Toys Lineup
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Our Favorites from the Toys R Us 2013 Holiday Toys Lineup

Toy names just keep getting longer, don't they? 

Doc McStuffins was among the most popular product lines last year, and we're sure that trend will continue this year. This could be the jewel of the collection, a towering playset that allows you to play veterinarian on stuffed animals. It comes with a lab coat and a little medical kit. 

Price: $79.99

I used to love going to Toys R Us and getting TMNT action figures, so this brings back memories. What's more, Toys R Us is making figures and vehicles from the original molds and with the original coloring. The figures we saw on display were riding the Ninja Turtles' party bus. Cowabunga!

Price: $19.99 per turtle

Using the term "HD" to describe a telescope is a little silly. (Any telescope is "high definition" if you focus it right). But we won't quibble with any toy that gets kids into astronomy. This is part of Toys R Us' push to offer more educational toys.

Price: $84.99 (fair warning: it doesn't get very good reviews on the website)

The follow-up from last year's 7-inch Tabeo, the 8-inch e2 has a dual-core processor and a bundle of built-in apps. And Toys R Us also offers a bunch of accessories, including this karaoke system that shows the lyrics on the tablet's screen. The Tabeo is available in pink, blue and silver.

Price: $149.99 for the Tabeo e2, $59.99 for the karaoke player 

Toys R Us chief merchandising officer Richard Barry practically insisted that the assembled press check out this one on YouTube when we got back to the office. We have to admit, it does look pretty crazy -- that kid is doing 360s and Tokyo Drifting all over the place. It can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, so make sure your kid wears a helmet. 

Price: $359.99

Monster High was all the rage last year, and evidently this fabulous decapitation victim is the Dumbledore of that venerable institution. She rides around on a bright purple horse, which makes her a bit less scary -- and no, bedazzling the saddle with a skull doesn't make up for it.

Price: $42.99