Starbucks Disappearing?

Starbucks Disappearing?
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Starbucks Disappearing?
Not only products are being eliminated at Starbucks, stores too. 600 of them. The company has recently published the list of stores to be closed, and this Starbucks store at 18th and Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon is on the close list.
Will Starbucks' foray into protein smoothies be a success like the vanilla cream frappuccino? Here's hoping it isn't a failure like some of these products...
Look at the image. How do you market music and children's products alongside coffee beans? No wonder music and children's products are going away.
I tried the iced orange mocha last summer at a grand opening of a Starbucks in my neighborhood (wonder if it's on the closures list??). I thought it was *interesting* but... not a huge winner. Evidently corporate thought so too, the orange mocha isn't on the menu any more.
"If I wanted to smell hot breakfast sandwiches, I'd go to McDonald's," not one, but many customers have complained. Along with announcing store closures, eliminating breakfast sandwiches was one of the first changes Howard Schultz has made when returning to the role of CEO as he attempts to focus the company back to its main business.
While you may easily find Christmas merchandise at your local Starbucks, most seasonal merchandise is going to be reduced greatly.
Who would have thunk it? The blackberry green tea frappuccino was saddled with too many flavors, and by 2007 was off the menu at Starbucks everywhere.
After the company has completed its switch to hormone-free milk, it also stopped offering organic milk. The official explanation was its strategy to cut down on the number of items on the menu, but mostly it just never caught on. Kids, however, can still get their Horizon organic milk boxes.
While Starbucks continues to sell most cold sandwiches and prepared salads, some, like the Asian noodle salad, are gone.