Father and Son: Warren Buffett and Peter Buffett

Father and Son: Warren Buffett and Peter Buffett
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Father and Son: Warren Buffett and Peter Buffett

Peter Buffett: Toddler

What terrible twos? A young Peter kicks back in a moment of apparent angelic calm, while dad Warren Buffett grabs a little shuteye in the family's sunroom at their Omaha, Neb., home.

Peter Buffett: Age 4

The Buffett family enjoys some fun in the sun during a summer vacation on Long Island in 1962, far from their land-locked home state of Nebraska. (From left: Warren Buffet, Howard, 7; mom Susan, Peter, 4; and Susie, 9.)

Peter Buffett: Age 16

The Buffetts gather for a family portrait during the mid-1970s inside their Omaha home during the winter holidays. (From left, front row: Susan and Warren; back row: Peter, around 16; Howard, around 19; and Susan, around 21.

Peter Buffett: Middle Aged

Peter, the youngest son of renowned investor Warren Buffett, chats it up with pop as the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting prepares to start. The event, held last April in Omaha, Neb., drew an estimated 40,000 shareholders to hear the Oracle of Omaha give an update on the company's fortunes.

Peter Buffett: 53-year-old

Peter has charted a path far different from the one taken by his billionaire investor father, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. The younger Buffett is a musician and recently authored a book, "Life is What You Make It."