Pantone Forecast: These Colors Will Dress Your Home Next Year

Pantone Forecast: These Colors Will Dress Your Home Next Year
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Pantone Forecast: These Colors Will Dress Your Home Next Year

This regal color palette evokes a celebration of the finer things in life, Pantone says. The colors are a combination of monochromatic violets and orchids like Liquid Pink Nectar, Deep Mahogany, White Alyssum and Beechnut Green.

This palette is "sleek and sensuous," echoing the art deco era, but with modern influences, the forecast says. Hues include Rio Red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe Black and Chinchilla, Gray Moon Mist and Jasper Teal.

This palette reflects an updated spin on the preppy-collegiate colors often found in flags and banners. They include Ribbon Red, Bright White and Sodalite Blue.

Playing up the colors of the cowboy and cowgirl styles from the Old West, this palette draws from things like weathered wood and animal hide. Colors include Raw Sienna, Vintage Indigo and Stonewash.

This orangey and spicy palette suggests zesty, piquant scents. The colors include Spiced Coral, Brandied Melon and Apple Cinnamon.

This palette of lively tribal colors includes Tangerine Tango, Peacock Blue and Pink Flambé.

The colors of Sojourn are designed to evoke a magical journey. They include Syrah, Blackish Plum and Baton Rouge Fuchsia.

This textural palette reflects hues that simulate both smooth and nubby surfaces. These include liquid-like ocean, sea and air inspired hues such as Maui Blue, Vapor Blue and Tornado Gray, as well as visuals that suggest rough surfaces like Fallen Rock and Birch.

Off-beat and whimsical, this palette is all about eye candy, with colors designed to grab attention, such as Bonnie Blue, Pureed Pumpkin, Chocolate Truffle, Amber Green, Linden Green, Golden Rod, Bright Violet and Rosebud.