Listing Fail: Bad Holiday Decorations

Listing Fail: Bad Holiday Decorations
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Listing Fail: Bad Holiday Decorations

Who doesn't love good ol' Santa Claus? That's no excuse for having him creepily peering over the side of your bed (not to mention the rest of the room's decor!).

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If you thought having Santa staring at you while you slept was bad, you probably won't want him watching you in the bathroom. We're not sure who came up with the santa toilet seat cover, but i'm sure they are happy that at least one person bought it!

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Are these someone's Christmas decorations or was there a massacre at the North Pole? Someone's holiday party got out of hand.

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Maybe in this case something isn't better than nothing. Next year at least try stringing your lights horizontally!

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If this family is wondering why their utility bill for December is in the six figures, upgrading the home's insulation might not be the right answer.

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Who says dinosaurs don't love the holidays? I wonder if it is visited by Santa Claws (Santa Clausaurus)?

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One-upping your neighbor is easier if they don't put together a very classically beautiful Christmas light display. These homeowners seemed to recognize that they couldn't keep up. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! 

Read more about these clever neighbors here:

'Ditto' Holiday Display Steals Neighborhood Spotlight

Having a graveyard display in front of your house might make sense around Halloween. But if you're using that image past Oct. 31 to advertise your home, you might want to consider using Photoshop. Or take down the graveyard and take a new picture!

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As a general rule, you always want to make your home look as big as possible when you're selling it. So maybe avoid placing giant fake pumpkins outside your house.

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If you don't want to kill a tree or use a fake one, then clearly you should use a ladder.

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Usually people like to decorate the outside of their home at Halloween for trick-or-treaters. At this house, the scares don't stop there.

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Not much else to say except ... maybe dial it back a little!

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They own a flag store and had some leftover inventory?

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This isn't exactly a listing fail, but we couldn't resist. This home's light display is synced to  "Gangnam Style." Watch the video!

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