Crazy Places Where People Hide Money

Crazy Places Where People Hide Money
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Crazy Places Where People Hide Money

Junk Shoes in the Garage

from AOL user: Tropicangelfish

"Where do I hide money? Inside an older pair of sneakers, under the inside sole, that are kept with the others: like my old garden sneakers."

Inside Curtain Rods


"Tuck away bills in curtain rods. Just fold them up and slide them inside the rod."

In Another Country

from AOL user: Mdiosdado1

"My husband and I send our money to Mexico. We have a house that we're still building (tax-free) so when we get about 40 we can retire. American money goes a long way in Mexico."

Bottom of Paper Shredder Bin

from AOL user: G0dFatherMezz715

"I hide my money at the bottom of the bin that collects my paper shreddings. Who the hell would look through confetti for money? I also have a .40 caliber -- so no one get any ideas ..."

Mason Jar in Buried in Garden

from AOL user: WDCONSULT

"My grandmother used to hide money in a mason jar buried in her backyard in her vegetable garden. At least that's what she told my grandpa. When she died no one could find it."

Piggy Bank in Freezer

from AOL user: Roborose2005

"When my son was only 5 years old, I found his piggy bank in the freezer and asked him why? He said he wanted cold cash. He's made me laugh ever since."

Inside a Wooden Door

from AOL user: Babybooboo100

"Do you have solid wood doors in your home? Chisel out a niche in the top of the door. You can actually go close to the entire length of the door and run it about 2 to 3 inches deep if you're careful. Even documents rolled tightly can fit there. Great place if you have kids who pilfer cash from you, no one has ever found it yet."

Under the Litter Box

from AOL user: dawnofthedanes

"Under the litter box, well ... one of the five: I figure that by the time the thief gets close, he/she will succumb to the aroma before they get what little I have."

Inside a Teddy Bear

from AOL user: Aliciag1800

"The best place to hide your cash is inside an old teddy bear. Or open up your pillow and place the cash inside the cotton -- of course you have to sew it back up."

In a Tank With Mean Fish

from AOL user: Chi-Town Frown

"Acquire a nice aqaurium filled with piranhas and put your stash under the gravel. "Never put your valuables in the bedroom that's the first place a thief looks! Try under a nailed-down carpet, hollowed-out Bible, reversible heels (where the heels turn out and you put your stash in, then click them back into place).

In Cement Blocks

from AOL user: Horse00

"Well My home was built on a cement block foundation and I have stashed away enough in my cement blocks to keep me going for a good while. If you don't know my method of where it is hidden you ain't gonna find it. And yes if something happens to me my family will get a diagram of where it all is."

In the Tampon Box

from AOL user: Elizarden5547

"My sister-in-law used to hide money from her husband in the tampon box."

In an Old Winter Coat

from AOL user: Pearl729

"My ex-boyfriend had a bad habit of going through my purses looking for money to buy beer. I started hiding money inside my winter coat. I cut a very small hole in the armpit area of the inner layer, and stuffed the bills into the coat (no coins). I'd managed to put away almost $400 in a few months."