Best & Worst State Quarters

Best & Worst State Quarters
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Best & Worst State Quarters
Last month we asked you which state quarter designs you liked the best. Now we reveal the results of our reader poll.

Click through our gallery to see which designs got high marks, and which were clear losers. (100% being the most liked; 0% being the least liked.)

First Up: Least Liked Design No. 1
Score: 40%

Release Date: June, 2007
Coins Minted: 581,400,000
Writing: Esto Perpetua
Scene: The least liked of all the state quarter designs, it features a peregrine falcon over a small state map.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 2
Score: 45%

Release Date: March, 1999
Coins Minted: 707,332,000
Scene: Another quarter design that was not a fan favorite is Pennsylvania's. It contains the "Commonwealth" statue that's been on the Harrisburg statehouse since 1905. She's in front of the map and next to a keystone, which has been the state's nickname since 1802.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 3
Score: 45%

Release Date: January, 2004
Coins Minted: 459,600,000
Writing: Great Lakes State
Scene: A map of Michigan and the Great Lakes.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 4
Score: 48%

Release Date: August, 2000
Coins Minted: 1,169,016,000
Scene: "The Old Man of the Mountain" was a beloved rock formation on Mt. Cannon in Franconia Notch that looked like an old man's face. It collapsed in 2003.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 5
Score: 51%

Release Date: April 07, 2008
Coins Minted: 488,600,000
Writing: Land of Enchantment
Scene: The (Native American) Zia sun symbol over a state map.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 6
Score: 51%

Release Date: October, 1999
Coins Minted: 1,346,624,000
Scene: An intricate and imposing silhouette of the Charter Oak, where colonists hid the state charter from representatives of King James II.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 7
Score: 52%

Release Date: March, 2000
Coins Minted: 1,234,732,000
Scene: The dome of the state capital, which served as that nation's capital from 1783-4. The dome is surrounded by branches from the state tree, the white oak, and the Revolutionary War nickname of its troops.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 8
Score: 55%

Release Date: September 03, 2007
Coins Minted: 564,400,000
Writing: The Equality State
Scene: A cowboy on a bucking horse.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 9
Score: 56%

Release Date: October, 2003
Coins Minted: 457,800,000
Scene: A mallard flies across a lake and a rice plant on the left represents the state as a major rice producer. A floating diamond represents the state's status as the only one in the nation to produce diamonds.

Next: Least Liked Design No. 10
Score: 57%

Release Date: August, 2002
Coins Minted: 689,800,000
Scene: An Indy 500 car skids across the state map. Nineteen stars spill out behind the car to remind you that Indiana was the 19th state.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 1
Score: 94%

Release Date: August, 2008
Coins Minted: To Be Announced
Scene: A grizzly bear with a salmon in its mouth walks in a river.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 2
Score: 94%

Release Date: June, 2003
Coins Minted: 448,800,000
Type of scene: Tableau
Scene: Pemaquid Point Light atop a granite coast and of a schooner at sea.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 3
Score: 91%

Release Date: October, 2001
Coins Minted: 723,564,000
Scene: A racehorse in front of Federal Hill, also known as My Old Kentucky Home. Built by a judge from 1795 to 1818, the home was in a gracious, private family until it was bought by the state. In 1936 it became a state park.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 4
Score: 88%

Release Date: August 28, 2006
Coins Minted: 664,800,000
Era Represented: Up to mid-1800s and since 1963, when bison were reintroduced
Scene: Bison on the badlands.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 5
Score: 88%

Release Date: June 06, 2005
Coins Minted: 720,200,000
Era represented: The last 7,700 years, since Crater Lake was created by the collapse of Mt. Mazama
Scene: Pine-rimmed Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 6
Score: 87%

Release Date: June 02, 2008
Coins Minted: 509,600,000
Scene: There's a landscape of the Grand Canyon in the back and then a Saguaro cactus up front. A banner separates them because they're not meant to be one landscape; the Saguaro doesn't grow in the Grand Canyon.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 7
Score: 87%

Release Date: October, 2000
Coins Minted: 1,594,616,000
Scene: Three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery near landing on an island along the James River in 1607. They would start the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 8
Score: 86%

Release Date: January, 2006
Coins Minted: 589,800,000
Scene: Wild horses, roaming in front of the mountains. Behind the mountains, the sun is rendered in a cartoonish style, which makes you look for a unicorn horn on the mustangs.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 9
Score: 86%

Release Date: November, 2006
Coins Minted: 510,800,000
Scene: Mt. Rushmore, a pheasant, wheat.

Next: Most Liked Design No. 10
Score: 86%

Release Date: November 05, 2007
Coins Minted: 508,200,000
Scene: Two locomotives meet to complete the transcontinental railroad. A giant gold spike looms. Mountains are in the background.

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